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Here’s the short answer: it depends on whether I want to start playing guitar again. I am a beginner and don’t have any real musical training, so if I want to learn how to play flute again, I will need to make myself more comfortable with the instrument on my own. My main focus is to learn it over time so that I can play it with a group. If you’ve got an open mind, then you might want to buy a flute or even an actual instrument and start practicing on it right away.

Are you worried about getting a bad reputation for your flute? Then please, don’t. As I’m just not the typical Flute player, I am the perfect example of the stereotype that you’d often hear. People assume that I am somehow stupid, or perhaps more likely as a result of my background. I’ve also played a lot of different flutes as a child, so my approach can seem different. There’s very little I won’t do and I try as hard as I can to not offend anyone.

Do you prefer to learn the flute or the viola? It is a matter of preference and experience. I like flutes since I can practice them with my family, but I will also go to concert halls with a viola, and try to get used to the sight of hundreds of people looking at my instrument. I guess the best option is to have both, but I have been known to only learn a flute from a person or an event. As for how to find out about flutes, you can check out all my Flute news here!

What is your age and where were you born? I’m 18 and living in Germany near Stuttgart. My birth dates are November 26, 1996 and June 16, 2001. And here’s a photo of me playing the flute, in my own room:

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