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We offer a wide range of music courses, from introductory to advanced level. We offer our students the opportunity to learn a new instrument, play in an ensemble and sing the chorus. For this reason we offer a wide selection of courses. We offer two types of music:

Pianoforte – a concertina style of music for flute or piano


We have several orchestral string courses for the performer who is looking to advance further through the professional ranks of the professional orchestra. We also offer professional orchestra for the young professional.

We also have a broad range of violin, cello & violins for all levels of performance.

The former CEO of a Canadian gas-drilling company is facing 20 years in prison for conspiring to bribe Mexican officials.

Alvaro Coloma, 61, was found guilty of conspiracy to bribe government officials for business in the oil-rich south of Mexico, according to The Associated Press. He has been in prison since mid-2003.

The scheme saw Coloma, a key member of Pemex’s Latin American unit, hire agents and agents’ relatives to arrange kickbacks from the cartel for bribes that he collected in his role, the AP reports. It involved an operation that spanned over a decade.

Coloma was also found guilty by a Mexican jury of accepting bribes of up to $5 million from a former Pemex leader in exchange for approval of a merger deal. The verdict is the latest development in an investigation long suspected of being orchestrated by Coloma and his cousin and close associate Alberto Caceres. The pair pleaded not guilty last year.

Coloma’s lawyer also told the jury that the former Pemex CEO had never been linked to a drug smuggling operation or any wrongdoing.

“Mr. Coloma is proud to have served as an engineer, planner and manager who worked hard for shareholders, clients and the country,” lawyer Daniel Carrero told the AP.

Carrero described Coloma’s case as a “complete vindication.” Coloma’s lawyers have asked for his release early from prison, but prosecutors argued that he should serve at least 20 years.

“Mr. Coloma’s sentence is an important one to send a strong message to corruption by all of its forms and is necessary to safeguard Mexico’s economy and public institutions from foreign and organized crime,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement. (EFE)

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