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Are guitars, basses, electric guitars and keyboards all instruments too, or do they belong to just a few unique musical styles? The question is not one that can easily be answered in a few paragraphs, but the answer, for me, remains the same — they all belong to the instruments and styles that we are familiar with, and therefore their names are the best we can hope for when we are discussing the instrumentation of some musical group. If we try to say the same thing about music, it becomes a very difficult problem and not only because of the variety of sounds available to the human ear. With the possible exception of the piano, all musical instruments have their own specific sound and it is not the same for everybody with the same particular taste, or with the same musical style. For some the piano has particular sounds and for others it has no sound at all. And for others the bass, the double bass, the trombone and the tenor sax are just different sounds. Thus it is impossible to generalize the way the instrument sounds as a whole.

That means that the same type of instrument that you would play in a nightclub, or in a concert hall with other musicians around you, would sound very different to the one you might have at home playing it on your guitar or in your studio on a piano. It is also the case with instruments like drums. The drums sound different from the ones you play in your band. The bass is different from the one you might play on your guitar. And the cymbals and hihats and so on, the ones that are usually used for a particular genre, are different from the ones you play on your guitar. The differences between the types of music in the world is not something to be taken lightly. They are very important as we are talking about the common quality of all the musical instruments. In the next part of this article we will investigate the differences between our favorite popular music genres, and see what our conclusions are. For now, we will focus on the differences in this specific category of music. As you can see, in the next paragraph we will discuss some of the common instruments for each musical group, and try to find out how they sound.

What are the common instruments for each musical group?
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1) Rhythm

While the first question that needs to be answered is “which type of instrument should sound the most authentic if we are going to play the music of different musical groups?” the second question becomes a little less clear. The

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