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We mustn’t forget the power that it affords. For those without the skill to master it, it would be easy to fall behind – so to speak – but once you’re mastered, the music is as close to master as you’ll see. It may just be, in fact, the only instrument that’s able to give it all. As for how this instrument performs in the world of music… well, that’s an interesting scientific and philosophical question. Well, just like with the violin, I will tell you once and for all. But what do you think? Should I just tell it to you one way or another? As expected, this instrument will show you no mercy. Even though I don’t like to talk about it, I’ll show you how it responds to music. Just the other day, I played the Violin Concerto for you at this concert hall. As in, one and a half times! I haven’t played a solo Concerto, and yet, it still managed to blow my mind. I even managed to play it once without a break, too! The only thing I can do as a conductor, though… Well, this concert hall has a few recording rooms around it. But I think I’ll be going to the recording room next, and there’ll be a bunch in there. (Hint: the sound of applause! If you’re lucky, you’ll hear it) So, if it isn’t me, the conductor for the next concert at the concert hall is Mr. Oi, an ex-violinist. Now, you can’t imagine how much I love this instrument. And I’m not just saying that because I play it on the violin. It’s also because I love making it work. I don’t believe that a single violinist could master this instrument in one try. No, I believe only the skilled could control it. Let me give you a short example. Today, I’ll be teaching my son to play the Violin Concerto. And as for the time it takes to play it, it’s only two hours. But there are three hours before that, I have to go and take care of a little visit to the hotel. This instrument is a big task, but I am certain that all of that could be done if it were with one hand. If you take a listen to your violin, you’ll notice that the strings are perfectly balanced. The bow is as light and fast as it was when you first played you piano or your double bass
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