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For better or worse, it still dominates the way that we hear and play music. It certainly took centuries of trial and error and millions of players to develop and refine it. You can’t buy one. It’s got to be forged and crafted right.

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This article is about the weapon. For the class of the item, see Mjollnir.

The Mjollnir is a weapon in Dark Souls 2.

In-Game Description A giant, deadly sword shaped like two large, serpent-shaped stones. The ancient runes of the dragons upon its hilt glow like a beacon of life in the darkness of the void. The runes of the dragons have fused with their metal components and created an ancient weapon. Not one for fighting monsters, but for smashing them into obsidian, this weapon may prove invaluable to those who wish to do so. The blade of this mighty weapon, imbued with the power of the dragons, burns with fiery intent.

Availability Edit

Found in the Deepwood Redoubt bonfire. It can be purchased at a bonfire from the bonfire in the middle of a swamp with the bonfire glowing with the first light. If the player returns after three hours, they can buy the item as of the beginning of the “Soul of the Titan” main

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