Is violin harder than cello? – Is It Hard To Learn Violin Online For Free

Does it feel like a violin or cello? If you think you’re doing it the right way, maybe you aren’t.” (And so on and on, which might or might not be the most efficient way to improve your performance, given that this method always has its limitations—a few of the answers are probably better than nothing, but nobody’s going to go to a performance of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, and there’s no guarantee a teacher will agree to a teaching method that works, let alone one that’s totally free of bias.)

But here’s the interesting thing: when you ask a player why he doesn’t try this in his own playing, his answer is almost the same as the “why hasn’t a teacher tried” question: “I just don’t want to do it.” I say this because I think it’s important to point out that, like all things, the practice of taking a beginner’s music seriously can be an enormously powerful educational benefit. It’s hard to know specifically and objectively whose experience the benefit comes from, but in either case it seems to me that the person who might be reluctant to practice his own pieces if he didn’t know how they were going to turn out might be the one with the most profound insight about how to play well.

What I mean by “practicing correctly” is that, if you’re not trying to get great at playing as hard as you possibly can (and you don’t believe that you’re good at it until you’ve hit a barrier), just go for it! Practice yourself! You’ll learn a lot about yourself and the kind of music you like the most. But in the meantime, have fun with things you want to have fun with! Even if your piano’s got more practice time on it, and you’re better than the best tenured players in the class, it doesn’t mean the teacher needs to know things you don’t already know! A beginner’s piano is an incredibly precious instrument, and should be treated as such!


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