Is violin harder than cello? – Is It Hard To Learn Violin Notes For Beginners

How about jazz violin?

These questions have puzzled and intrigued me ever since I first became interested in performance.

But what do the statistics say about how good a cello player you have?

I’ve collected some basic numbers (in terms of how many notes per inch per beat, where a higher number indicates better instrument) from many websites, including the Wikipedia article on violin playing.

Below are graphs showing a few of the different measurements which I have collected for different instruments and various measures. (See the source below for further information about the information I am using.)

When I find an instrument which seems to have better statistics than any other (and it happens often!) I can either write about that instrument or add it to the collection.
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Here are a few of these stats:

Swing Performance

The best thing about playing the cello is that the stroke frequency is low – almost on a level of harmony. You can have a perfect stroke, you can have a good one, and you can have a bad one.

A little more about the cello:

The cello is one of the most effective, versatile and challenging instruments. For this reason, it is an extremely hard instrument to play properly. You have to be very focused and methodical in order to get good performances from it. In fact, all the best cellos are performed by people who have no idea how to play. I am an absolute beginner, yet one of the best cellists in the world. My cello makes me feel nervous, so there are many occasions when I have to stop playing for a while.

So it’s not an instrument which can make people feel good about themselves.

How much faster are you playing compared to other instruments that you know?

When playing the cello, the speed is very hard to explain. And we don’t think much about speed or how fast we play: we simply know the note is being played.

I don’t know exactly how we are perceiving the notes that we play, but it is possible that there has been something going on in the brain that enables us to perceive the sound of the note better than other people perceive them.

This is very cool in the sense that it means that humans can learn some very remarkable things on the cello, like what the string is doing. But that is as far as things go. I don’t know how much faster we are playing compared to other instruments

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