Is it better to learn piano or violin first? – Myongaku

I’ve been doing both music and piano since I was a small child.

In my early teens, I started to study classical music, but that’s where most of my time at a young age lies. Music is always an interest of mine, and piano, of course, is much closer to my heart.

Of course it depends on the musician/s who are playing the music. If you’re just looking for something to study, either just for playing piano or violin, then it might not be the best choice. I have learned how to play at the music conservatory, and can play any kind of music in a way that I am comfortable with but I’m not particularly good at.

If you are looking at just piano skills and trying to use it for a career in music, the best course would be piano for kids.

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How would you describe your approach to teaching piano?

My philosophy is to take what you see in an actual teacher and teach it myself. I don’t believe in teaching students how to play the right way. When I teach music it’s about music rather than how you sound, so I make sure to listen to every note you play to see if I can see any weaknesses.

I’m not the most popular teacher – it’s almost universally said that I am a poor instructor – but sometimes you have to know when to walk out without even trying to persuade. I have heard other players call me arrogant, but I don’t think anyone actually believes they hear mistakes at such a young age, and I’m quite open and honest about not doing everything perfect in my lessons.

So I try to be as honest as possible when I teach people how to read music, how to be comfortable with the music itself and how to be able to play correctly, so that my students are not at all discouraged by any part of what they do.

What is the most difficult aspect of teaching yourself?

The hardest thing is understanding how to read music. I always have to keep things simple. I don’t have the ability to understand all parts of music at once, and therefore I can’t pick something up from an unknown part and see if I can learn it. All I can do at that point is practice. It’s not just about knowing the notes and being able to play them properly – it’s a learning process. Learning something new requires that you spend time practicing, but once you’ve learned something new you just need to remember that you’ve

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