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Some French hornes are softer than English ones.

For instance, if the player feels some string vibrating in his strings, he may simply change the setting of his bridge, thereby making the strings feel more relaxed.

“It’s hard because it’s like an old-fashioned dance,” Mr. Beaulieu said. “The first time you move on, you can do it, but that’s about it. At first, you may be scared, but then you get used to it. Then you realize it’ll be a little different the last time.”

Mr. Beaulieu, a former soldier in World War II, first heard about the show in 2003, after an elderly couple took to the streets to show solidarity. The show took off and the audience exploded in cheers and applause, Mr. Beaulieu said. He said one thing he learned was that he wanted to perform the show during World War II.

“The show was always there from the beginning,” he said. “We never thought it would last the whole time, but since the war ended, the audience keeps coming.”

The show has also expanded beyond military traditions. The audience sometimes does not know what Mr. Beaulieu is playing, making him a great source of inspiration, said David Yoder, who grew up in Ottawa and has performed the show there and in Halifax.

“The show is for everyone and anyone — young or old, rich or poor,” Mr. Yoder said.

The new show is still being rehearsed, but Mr. Beaulieu, 54, is planning a tour of Europe next year.
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