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How much should my violin bow be tightened?

The question is: How much should my violin bow be tightened? For a beginner, there is a lot no doubt about; especially for a beginner, he or she does not need to tighten the bow all the way. So the question is more like: Who should tighten the bow? That’s exactly the topic of my article to come.

Is too much tightening too much tightening?

This question of tightening may sound like a paradox that will probably not help for the average person who wants to play well but can’t get rid of tension and is probably not going to last much longer. We need to find what works for us personally. It does not necessarily have to be very hard, because for the average person, it should work.

Here, I will give an example in the violin bow, from some of my personal experience:

At first, I am only tight enough at the string to make contact; there is no extra tightening. My bow is not in tension. However, it is still loose and the bow is not even very stiff at the string. The string is still in the bow and the bow bow is not very stiff. I can play with the bow loose and yet still have good control. For the average person, this should result in good control, but, the problem is that it makes it very hard for the violin bow to stay straight for an extended time (since the bow is not in tension yet). If the bow gets too tight, the strings will get too hot and get burned.

In this case, what I advise is a little tightening at the first string contact; that is when it is still loose at the string (I do not tighten the bow at all until the string is so loose that the bow is not in tension any longer). At first, it will not be enough, but after some practice, the bow will start to stabilize nicely. And it will also come together nicely.

If this type of tightening is too much, then for the average person, it will not be enough, and it will make it very difficult for the bow to remain in its place as it may be too stiff to stay in place. The bow may also come all back to the neck; and then one may feel that the violin should be turned to one side. The problem is the bow will not stay in its place. And it will be difficult for the person to play with the bow loose and yet still have

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