How much does a violin bow cost? – Play Virtual Violin Online Free

The following costs per kilogram is for a regular, non-turbine bow:

5.00 for the standard, thin neck, and a 10.00 for the long, thick neck. The difference between the cost of a thin and long neck bow is that with a long neck the strings and shaft are longer. At a given diameter it is cheaper to make a long neck bow than a thin neck, since longer shafts must have the same tension.

1.00 for the bow string gauge. Generally 1/2″. I believe the string gauge must be known for this part of the calculations.

0.50 for the weight of the string.

1.00 per mile for an average sized violin bow.

I have found that with a 20#/100# length bow there is a cost advantage to string gauges of 40# or 45. This makes sense, since a violin bow strung at 40# would be a bit heavier than an 18#. A string of the same gauge will require a greater amount of string tension.

How long does a violin bow last with string tension?

Generally there is a 1-2 year period of decay in tension before strings break. The length of a string affects this amount of time. So if a violin string is 1″ long, that is 2 lbs. That string will break in 2 years on average.

Are violin strings a good conductor?

With today’s string selection, I don’t think anyone would want to recommend strings to someone who uses only their cello. A violin needs good strings for the instrument to play well. Violin strings are the same as viola bows, in fact, it’s a type of bow.

What about using a string as the bridge strings?

I have not seen it for a long time, but yes, it can be used successfully. I know some string makers who have some string that is longer than the standard gauge and is more prone to snapping.

Is a violin worth its weight in gold?

The short answer is yes. It is expensive, expensive, expensive. If you consider that it will take you about 2 years of practice to get to a level where strings will sound right with your cello, it is highly realistic to expect to pay upwards of $1,200.00 for a violin.

The long answer is in short: You are unlikely to break a string when using a violin,

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