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Practice every day every day. You really do get better through trial and error.

The next thing to do is to set a goal that will help you. For example, what kind of sound can you create that will get all of the other children excited and move the class toward a goal that they will follow?

This sounds really simple. You want the students to do this and it is important to get results. If you have a group of kids with no particular music interest, you can help them to enjoy it. You can help them learn by teaching them the basics and letting them learn over time.

Or you can use a music score as a checklist for finding what you would like, and then you will be able to put music to practice and see if it helps.

You could do everything you can to encourage and reward the child who does best by getting them excited for a given goal. If you have lots of students, it might be a good idea to have each child make a weekly list of musical goals. You could teach children to make lists of goals and have the teacher grade each child’s list.
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There have been several studies of musical excellence through music-based interventions. These studies show that children who get good sound at home tend to improve their sound in school, whereas children who get more out of school may not. A recent study by J.T. Rieder and associates at the University Graduate School of Music in New York City shows that good music training can improve children’s vocabulary, their ability to read music, and their performance in school with a focus on music education.

Is there anything else that children should know before practice?

Listen to music. Listen for the sounds of your body. Then listen for the sounds that sound good to you. Then listen again, and try to listen for the sounds that sound good to you. Finally, try to remember how those sounds sound to you, which helps when your head is busy thinking, or when you don’t know what sound to make.

What type of child does not want to play violin?

No matter who you are, you should teach each student what he or she needs. We must make sure that the right music resources are available and that the teacher has appropriate teaching materials that teach the right skills to get good sound.

Do you have an alternative way to practice?

Yes there are alternatives to the music that our children learn. For example, students can learn to

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