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To tune a violin, you’ll need a tuner.

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Here’s how:

1. Find the string that you are using (see video below).

2. Rotate it counter-clockwise until you get it to make a “V”, which is the right-hand string.

3. Hold the “V” with your fingers on the string, and use the string pressure (the vibrating string against the string) to move the finger tips in-between the “V” until you reach the right-hand string.

4. If you are using the left-hand string, move your finger tips a little forward to touch the string and “cross it off”, then rotate the head back and forth to move the “V” in the right-hand direction.

5. The right-hand string will now be tuned down.

5.5 – Tuning by ear

To get a better tune, you can listen to a recording and take notes. When you get “closer” to the desired pitch, take another note. You’ll quickly know if you’re getting close enough, until then you may need to take one more note to catch anything that seems out of place.

5.6 – What’s the difference between an 18th and an eighth?

Because a sixteenth is called a seventh, many people confuse these two numbers, and think that the eighth (18th) is a “sixteenth”, when in fact it’s actually much closer than an 18th. An 18th (sixteenth) is not a “eight” on the fretboard.

However, the difference in notes you play between a “ten” and “seven” could affect your chords and the feel of your sound. Check out the video below to learn more!

More information on all this can be found at:

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