How do I know if my violin is valuable? – Myongaku

A: The price of an instrument will never reach a level where it will be worth more than the cost of the instrument. But, if you know that you’ve got a nice piece, if you can look at it and say, “I can see its value,” you might start to get a sense of how valuable it might be. It’s really important to understand which instrument to get. You must buy from one of The Bensound stores, and they will answer your phone or write a letter back to you.

Q: Can I take my violin back to the shop?

A: No. But, you may want to ask the shop to bring the instrument back for you to check out. It will be worth more if you’ve been using it in a performance or for some other purpose.

Q: Is there a limit on how much my violin will cost me?

A: The price will always be subject to change. The amount may be higher if the piece is not in perfect condition and if there is any damage. Please be advised that our appraisers are not trained to do anything about the condition of the instrument, and can only do so after it is presented to them so that they can decide what price it will be at.

Q: Will there be a fee to pick up my violin?

A: A fee will be charged if the buyer and the seller cannot agree the amount or what instrument to sell.

Q: What happens if the violin has not been played?

A: The auctioneer or his/her representative will have the right to determine what repairs and maintenance need to be performed to make it more playable. If the violin doesn’t need to be played, the commission charge will be waived, and the instrument will be returned or sold without further notice.

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