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The difference between playing violin, singing or playing drums. But you are still a talented musician.

What makes your music different from other bands from around the world?

Our sound is unique and unique. We strive to create music that has a very distinct tone. The lyrics are very unique, very lyrical, and have a very deep meaning. The background music is also pretty unique with some amazing guitar solos. This is why we can say that we have a ‘new sound’ in the world of electronic music.

How do you choose your gear?

Since creating this album we had a very hard time to choose only a few instruments to use in one song, and one song only. We could only choose instruments that we are in a rush to use, so we only used a few of our most favorite electronic instruments. We hope this way the album is the most interesting!

What inspired you to record a music video?

This album takes place in our life, like in a real dream. We want to show the real feelings of everyday life with a lot of video and with our music.

Do you have a favorite artist your would like to collaborate with?

One artist whom we would like to have a collaboration with is the Japanese producer Yuriy “Babayashi” Yurayev. With his music we would like to make a very cool video because it will be a very unique experience for our world community.

How to Play a Violin As a Beginner: 13 Steps (with Pictures)
What do you want to say about your record?

Thank you so much for the support. We are thankful to all who have seen our music video and support our record. We are glad this has become so popular and we hope it will expand our worldwide reach in the future

Do you think there are any special perks for people who purchase the album?

The album is in two formats, you can choose the vinyl or digital version. The only exception is the digital version of the album, where you will receive a pdf booklet with the lyrics and video. The booklet can be printed in any size too.

How to get this album?

If you own an album and you want to buy the album digitally, please select it in the ‘My Stuff’ section on our website and click that ‘Checkout’ button. You can also listen to it at the first release event on the tour.

What is the goal of the tour?

The goal of this tour is to spread our

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