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I have always loved violin as a child, but once I became an adult, it’s been the other way around. In fact, violin has been one of my best paid jobs; a good, solid business with a long tradition and a lot of money in the money. My first job in violin was as a kid, and it had a lot to do with the age.

The most important rule when playing for the money is to be respectful of the work you’re doing. The job itself doesn’t get much better with age, but it’s not just me who thinks that. I know other musicians who were making decent incomes at the age of 40. I am very curious what the next 50 years hold for violiners, so I decided it was better to start in college a bit early, just to figure the way of the world out before I was even 30.

“I know other musicians who were making decent incomes at the age of 40.”

I had no idea how people would behave around me at college, but it all worked out quite well. One day I was talking to a music teacher who was working on a different program. The next day the whole program came to our place. She asked me to join it in the evenings for a while and to come at night for a bit, so she could put some music together. Now I was playing violin as a part of that program.
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How did music come to be your passion in the first place?

Well, I came to the realization when I started playing at the age of 19. At the time there was a piece called “Harmony in the Night” by the violin-playing composer Robert Schumann. In the orchestra version the first movement could be sung very easily by a teenager, but when you try singing it solo you realize it sounds very much like someone talking. That was my discovery.

In the “Blut und Boden” concerto the soloist can really sing the movement at the same time as the orchestra. That really interested me at the time. The first impression really did change my view on musical composition. I had played many concerts as a player, and the one thing I could always do was make sure that I could play the music for a long time at the same time as the orchestra, which, when I realized that, made a complete change. I played the same melody and chords all the time. If it has to be sung it takes one minute. I can hardly sing

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