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A violin can become very good and still not be at it’s peak. It takes a long time from the first start with your first violin lessons to finally reaching its best. But over time, a violin can progress with a lot of patience, consistency, training and dedication. It is a very important skill to develop over the years.

The best place to listen to a violin virtuoso is the Musikverein. There is an extensive library of recordings available for our listeners. You can also follow #Musikverein on Twitter if you want to know what they are listening to.

Have you ever been tempted to buy a violin that didn’t seem to grow on you in the store? That violin you would think, ‘Well, I can’t pass up this’ but when you got it home you realized, ‘This one’s a piece of trash! What a piece of garbage!'”

The Best Strings:

It’s not hard to tell why some companies keep using the word “militant” in the headlines about Syria.

One reason is that the United States is, by far, the world’s leading supporter of the rebels.

For six years, the United States has helped funnel arms and cash to opposition fighters in Syria and, for five of those years, funneled that aid inside Syria.

But the Syrian uprising has been brutal. The first anti-regime activists were gunned down for their efforts. The only thing the U.S.–led coalition seems to have achieved is creating a space so volatile that it’s not easy to come back from. For many countries, that is a bad outcome on several levels.

As more and more weapons pour into Syria by way of a rebel coalition and from Arab backers like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, the United States is in effect providing military backing to the very groups that we most fear.
Ode to Joy (Beethoven) | Free Sheet Music for Beginner Vio ...

For Western countries, the primary question for them has been never simply, “What does this all mean for Syria?” but rather, “How should we react?” and “How can we help fight the insurgency?” This raises a complicated question — one that involves Syria’s internal politics, Syria’s long history of civil war, even what happens if the Syrian regime falls.

In the West, the term “militant” has tended to be a way of describing someone who’s ideologically committed to an anti-regime political movement and, as far as we know, the Syrian opposition — an entirely

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