Do violins improve with age? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson 6 Homework Module


Are violins more musical as they age? No.

Am I better able to play classical music when I’m older? Yes.

Is there anything that you can do to make your voice sound a bit more “bigger”? Yes, you can “tone down” (reduce the number of resonances) parts. It’s easiest when you’re younger. The best tip I have is to practice with other players.

Do you need to learn music theory? Of course not! I’ve learned everything imaginable since I was a child that I can remember!

Does playing classical music affect your relationship with music? Absolutely – when you go to play a gig the place is full of people, people are going to take pictures, etc. it’s impossible not to notice the difference.

Are there any other tips I need to hear? Yes, learn how to play guitar, and practice music with other piano players. Also, learn how to play piano.

Is it important to practice with a teacher and piano teacher? It is for a reason. My first teacher was great, but I was a bit lost with him. I’m an adult at 50 and my knowledge of music is very limited as I’m a musician. My current teacher is also great, but I have no idea how to practice.

Does playing classical music always make me feel better? No it never does! For me, playing it always makes me relaxed, and I can concentrate.

Have you played other instruments? Yes, but I’m not very confident on them.

Where should I begin for someone starting with music? It’s a question for a specialist book. Music theory, piano, trumpet, and piano are the places to start. However, to me, music makes so much money because it’s so unique which can be appreciated in a non classical setting like an art gallery or music hall.

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