Do violins hold their value? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson Two

The question is not for the violins themselves: that would be too selfish and exploitative, and it seems to me that people don’t really get caught in a dilemma. I think it is for the music itself; the value of the music cannot be expressed in terms of the cost of making it.

That’s why you should buy what you love but don’t want to make or do something for, like making a record. The value of a piece of art, or any experience, is expressed not only by the amount of money that the artist must spend on its preservation and production, but also by its quality: the beauty and the pleasure derived by the viewer from a work, even if that enjoyment is not related to the actual cost of making or buying the piece.

What do you mean by “the value of the work”?

I’m talking about the value of the experience, the enjoyment that is produced by any human act. The value depends on the amount of effort that is taken in producing something. If you are going to spend two hours making a new record, and you sell one copy for $45 (or whatever the latest price is), that’s worth $45. But if you spend two hours making an instrument and sell one on eBay for $200, that’s only worth $200. I make the latter and the former at the same time, it doesn’t matter, and at $200 that’s only worth $200, not $450. In order to get $450 out of the first, it would have to take two hours to make the latter and sell one copy for $200.

I’m talking about the value of the experience, not about the money part. So it’s not a question of “How do I get my money back?” which makes all the difference between music appreciation and “just going out and buying a record.” It’s more like: “How do I get what I want with the money I’ve already given up?” In other words: I can’t tell you what you can and cannot do with your money now. All I can tell you is that the answer is more complicated than “I want the money.” You’ve got to do something that, at the moment you give it to me, makes it worth something in any conceivable way. And it’s different in every case; in one way, you can have all the money but not do certain things. One thing that would not be interesting to my wife, for instance, would not be interesting to

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