Do violin strings expire? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson Three Skills

Yes, violin strings die in the manufacturing process and are therefore no longer available.

Does violin maker care about vintage violin strings? If so, why don’t they replace them?

Yes, every violin maker does offer warranty strings and if you purchase violin strings, ask for a warranty to cover up to 20 years.

How much guitar strings are offered and whether they are warranted?

All brands have standard guitar strings warranty. Most guitar manufacturers offer a 1 year replacement warranty to replace strings that break within a year of purchase.

How much guitar strings are used and which strings come with the guitars?

Most violin makers offer standard warranty guitar string warranty as well. It consists of replacement strings, repair strings, and maintenance strings.

What age guitar string warranty do you provide?

All brands have standard guitar string warranty for the life of the instrument. Generally, it is up to 5 years or 100 months. It is generally covered if the string breakage occurs in factory production.

Do violins, viola, cellos and other violins have warranty?

Yes, all brands come with standard warranty. It usually encompasses the entire string life. Most violins come with a 1-year replacement warranty. Violins that were produced outside of North America are not covered by warranty, however some manufacturers may have limited warranty that may cover up to 50 or 100% of your original purchase price. If you would like to receive additional warranty information, contact us.

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How many strings do you offer?

For instruments that are manufactured outside of North America, we offer one warranty for the string life of the equipment and all parts used on your instrument. We do not provide warranty for instruments that were built in the US or to parts of Canada and Europe.

What is the warranty coverage on violin strings?

Standard warranty for violin and viola includes replacement strings, repair strings, and maintenance strings. We offer 1-year and 5-year warranty lengths.

How many strings does a violin maker warranty each?

This depends on your manufacturer’s standard warranty and the age of the equipment. Generally, a violin maker will replace the original strings that break over a year and also repair and renew their strings when they arrive. We therefore only offer a 1-year warranty.

What can I do to prevent my violin and viola from breaking?

It is imperative that you are aware of your own actions when playing. Be sure to put

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