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A violin case, usually a string box, and a string must be stored at least one year, for a string to become damaged, as shown in the diagram on the left (photo 1). It is a good idea to store the strings in the case for several years before playing or playing over the strings during use. Do not store them in a drawer or on a shelf and do not put them on a shelf until they are a bit worn.

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What about string boxes?

A string box with a removable lid is a good idea. The lid and the strings that come inside the box should be stored for a minimum of six months unless otherwise instructed by a professional or in accordance with the rules regarding shelf dimensions in the instructions on the box itself. As long as there are no cracks in the box, you can store the entire case for several years with proper care and cleaning and a good cleaning with household products, like shampoo and dishwashing detergent, before putting it away for longer storage. But do not store it longer than one year.

What if the box is damaged, do you use them?

If you cannot use any of the strings, the case can be treated with string glue to protect it. Do not glue the top of the case together with strings. However, do not try to repair your box by glueing them as a single unit and do not place the top inside the box. The case should be opened one at a time and the strings removed. Then you can store the case for many years.

Can you store my violin strings in a string box that is less than a year old?

No. If the case is damaged, do not use these strings. A case or a string box that is less than a year old gives off toxic gases that are harmful for sensitive people and cause serious health effects. These gases are formed when the materials inside the case, including the string, are exposed to oxygen which is a strong oxidizer. The gases can be harmful for sensitive people who are sensitive to such things as mercury, lead, arsenic, and heavy metals. Do not use your string storage box if you are pregnant.

What about the strings on shelves in a store?

Locked shelves are also a good idea and can be stored for many years. However, some of the strings from a shelf are sold only on some holidays and will be discontinued for the next few years, so this may not be a good option for you. See the guidelines above

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