Can I teach myself the violin? – How To Learn Violin Faster Horses Tickets

No, not really. My violin was made by Sibelius himself.

(pause) So what do you teach yourself?

Well, a lot of stuff.

I’m trying to learn to play the flute, can I really? Yes, I can. It took me a long time to learn in my 20’s. I would spend hours doing it, but it was very easy for me. I’ve got all the music and theory and I just play the notes. My first flute lesson I had a tutor, who was a musician and taught me how to play the flute.

(pause) I don’t even know what to ask you, it’s been a long time. How do you know about this, from your experience?

Well, I can only imagine what the students of our school do.

I have a very good impression of your student, but that’s probably because I’m one myself. So how did you become interested in music?

From my teacher. He was a teacher of some renown and also good friends with an old friend of mine, who is a world renowned musician. My teacher taught me something which I remember to this day.

He told me to play the flute and I found it extremely fun, which is how I got interested. He taught me some of his compositions and this is how I became a better musician. I found this very interesting and I still want to learn more.

The Flute

A lot of people have heard of your beautiful flute. Why do they like it so much?

Well, the most important thing is the sound.

I know that sounds can become much more powerful when you play it with a lot of power. You know how to manipulate it in your hand when you play with it.

What makes these sounds interesting to you?

One of the reasons I like them to this day is that I find them extremely beautiful. The sound of the flute is delicate but when you play it with a lot of control it turns into a beautiful instrument.

Do you play it as a professional flutist in real life or do you play it just out of curiosity?

I play it as a hobby because in order to learn properly it would take too long to play on a real flute with real life instrument.

What kind of music can a flute make for you?

This question was easy! I love it

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