Can I start playing violin at 16? – How To Learn How To Play A Piano For Beginners

Do I have to learn to play the violin in the classroom for two years? Or will it be easier to learn to play the violin on the spot? It seems to me that the only reasonable answer is to start playing violin at 16. I could then learn to play the violin, but I would have to wait a whole year before moving on to something else. I don’t want to be caught off guard and end up playing the violin at the same time as piano music. How does one keep time off school by playing the violin? Thank you in advance.

I am not an expert on the practice of violin, but would like to point something out: It is actually quite easy to practice violin on the spot. If you don’t have a teacher of the violin you have a good grasp, and you can practice every day. The violin is in fact a great instrument to play on the spot – with an experienced teacher, this is really possible, and the violin is actually more flexible and adaptable than many people think!

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You have a great blog with lots of good information. I am interested in learning to play the violin, and if there was more information out there to help me I would really like to learn it.

Could I find information about what is available in our local art school?

I am sure there are excellent violin classes for beginners, intermediate, or advanced students, but I don’t have any information on how the art school classes are structured (what lessons, what kind of instruments, how much attention paid to making students interested and confident), or what kind of music is being taught… I might make a list if I remember to do so 😉

If I take up violin by the time I am 16, am I stuck with it until I am 18?

You are correct if you are a first-time violinist; it is important that you choose the right teacher and learn to play the instrument well. If you are a beginner, you are probably going to want to learn to play the guitar or any other instrument if you can (you can find the best violin teachers to help your progress with their teachers), but if you are more confident than the others, you can still learn to play the violin at a young age! You probably will find it very interesting and rewarding to use your own playing experience as a way to introduce to music the other kinds of music you like (like classical music or jazz) and you can use your playing experience as a guide

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