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It is true that violins are not designed for regular consumption of sound, and they must be played with very carefully maintained, sound-making instruments. The size, weight and construction of the instrument and its construction make a significant contribution to the cost of making violins. The cost of making a stringed instrument from wood is a minimum of 8% of the total cost of a violin, the second highest among manufactured instruments. This is mainly due to the fact that these instruments are built of wood rather than metal, the latter being more expensive. Most of the strings on violins are of metal or stainless steel, but there is a good variety of materials.

Do violins cost more than other instruments?


Is it better to buy a new Violin rather than re-buy a used one?

The cost of buying a used instrument is lower in comparison with buying a new one. However, the value of the new instrument is less; there are advantages to buying a quality used one before buying a new one.

How is the quality of violins comparable with new violins or guitars?

The quality of violins is similar to new violins or guitars, and even superior in many cases. Some violins are better, for example, violas. However, because of their low maintenance, relatively high cost, and high risk of damage or breakdown.

Where can I find a Viola and Violins on Amazon?

Most retailers sell a wide variety of violins. In North America, there are 3 major wholesale and retail distributors for instruments called: The Violas of America. Most of the instruments in the catalogs are made in Japan.

Do you recommend buying a new Violin?

The best choice for the beginner is a good used instrument. Violin players who start playing before they are 12 must look carefully at the instrument which shows little signs of wear. In addition, they must choose instruments which are the most appropriate for their age.

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