Are old violins valuable? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson Two Seeing Coloured Objects

That depends. I like to keep old violins. I would say it is about $1,000 if you have a good instrument. If you do not, you can get a good one.

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Quick Walkthrough [ edit ]

Talk to Svana about the rumors of her lover. Return to Svana and ask to see the lover. Ask to see his lover through a door. Ask to see his lover in the bed of a tree, after all the other lovers are dead. Bring him back to Svana, after he has died and left the bed. He will accept the gift.

Detailed Walkthrough [ edit ]

Svana is a Breton woman living in the Rift and has an estranged lover named Kiel. Kiel was killed in a fight against Karel. He left a note for Svana before he died, in which he said that he is tired of living and that he wants to die; Svana thinks he is serious, since his death seems to have been imminent. She leaves a short note explaining to you that Kiel is not dead and that she will be waiting for him. She will appear at your bedside, just outside of a bedroom you’ll find on the upper floor of your house. When you leave the bedroom, the quest has moved to the next floor, the stairs up to the castle and Svana will appear at your tower.

A Note for Svana [ edit ]

There are two ways of completing this quest.

Option 1 [ edit ]

Go and talk to Kiel, who is sitting on Kiel’s bed.

Kiel [ edit ]

: You are the one who killed him, Svana, he asked me to be the messenger, but the messenger…

Talk to her in a calm, collected tone – you do not need to be hostile to Kiel. She will continue with the

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