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We know what you’re thinking: “But why on earth would a bunch of dudes with boxy torsos, skinny frames, and big hair care about the color of their skin? We need black dudes! How could they possibly be interested in this?” Well, that’s what the guys from T-Rex Nation, a website devoted to the preservation of and appreciation for all of the awesome things that white people and their creations have done in recent decades, thought as they sat down to discuss this year’s best white-boy creations.

A lot of the talk, as we all know, was centered around Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music video, “Jesus Walks.” But we also got to hear from David Wooten, a longtime white-boy geek, who decided to jump into the conversation with one of the funniest stories T-Rex Nation has ever heard.

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“I am a white dude. I want to make it as if I’m the only one making art. Just my own version,” he said, before launching into a lengthy and hilarious interview about his personal obsession with white manly men.

He then took a detour to explain the reason behind the website. “There’s a lot of us with a lot of hate in our hearts… so why not take the piss out of it… I don’t really mind if you don’t like my white guy ass jokes.”

You can read more on the subject on The Guardian’s website or read some of Wooten’s own commentary on the G.O.O.D. Music video below. Watch it all unfold below.

Also, check out the T-Rex Nation’s Top 16 best white guy flicks.

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