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A new video of a mother and daughter’s struggle for a little bit of happiness after their dog was struck by a car in the front yard of their St. Louis home has been making the rounds on YouTube.

In the video uploaded to Imgur on April 25, a mother and her 2-year-old daughter are playing on their computer when a dog runs across their screen. As the dog’s leash gets tighter on the toy, the dog starts to run away, but the mother keeps holding on.

As the parents’ camera turns to the viewer, they can clearly see their 6-year-old daughter holding the leash for her mom. Then she lets go and the camera goes back to the dog.

“Hey mom, I think my best friend has run off. Did you see him?,” a girl says at the end of the clip.

The mother responds, “Mom, he didn’t run off,” and the kids start crying. The video ends with the kids in tears and a young girl talking to her mom, apologizing for letting her kids cry.

A YouTube user named “bitchcat” was the one who uploaded the video and it’s made its rounds on social media sites.

“You can see me from here, you can see where I’m from, you can see where I’m at. That’s my whole world,” the woman told her daughter in the video of her little sister, who also works as a

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