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The starting salary for a video editor in Singapore?

There are 4 parts to the video edit salary:

1. Studio cost

2. Equipment cost

3. Work hours/day/week

4. Salaries at the company

So where will you be working?

1. Studio Cost

You will be working remotely via remote video editing service. This means you will not have to commute to or from work, you can use your own phone, computer and other equipment. This can be a hassle when working as a video editor at the same time. You will be working from home and working on your own schedule. In case you are living in Singapore, just have a Skype and an email account.

To earn more money in Singapore, make sure you choose the right freelance work. The following agencies work on the most popular content:

If you are in search of the best freelance editors in Singapore for video editing, then you should follow this agency list. It contains the highest level of quality video editor. It’s the agency which has an established professional network. It has a solid reputation within the video editing industry, and a huge market for freelancers.

2. Equipment Cost

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For equipment. The equipment cost will depend on your budget and your needs. Depending on your gear, your editing cost may be as low as $300 or $1000 per day (depending on settings) or more expensive. Your budget is to decide what you need and what you will pay for it. Here here’s some gear advice to help you understand what is required for your video editor needs:

-Video Camera

-VCR (Video Recorder/ Tape Recorder)

-Flash Video Camera

-Video editing software

-Camera cable

-Video editing software

-Digital Photo Frame

-Video Editing Software

-Audio System

-Audio Processing System

-Audio Recording Equipment

-Bluetooth Phone

-Camera Cable

-Video Editing Software

-Audio System

-Audio Recording Equipment

-Bluetooth Phone

3. Work Hours/Day/week

Working on video editing hours is very important. Video editing is a job-based job. You are required to work on your schedule, from home, and during your hours at the office.

In order to work in the video editing industry and earn your video editing salary, you need to work

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