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On a Friday back in February, the New York Times published an obituary for former president Bill Clinton who was in Washington, D.C. on a two-day trip focused on national politics. Among the people whom Bill Clinton met or spoke to during his trip: Hillary Clinton.

The paper’s article began with a note about Bill Clinton’s love for the first lady:

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“He used to say to me over the phone, he’s very much a part of her, he’s very much a part of a lot of things she’s accomplished over time,” Mrs. Clinton recalls. But her former boss has been hard to miss, her daughter Chelsea said. She noted that he spent more than six hours flying with Bill on his helicopter last month, as first lady was trying to recover from Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential loss and the Clintons’ loss at the election of Bill Clinton’s wife in 1996 to President Bill Clinton.

She continued:

Mr. Clinton has never been without something to say, even while a president, as he did on Saturday at a rally outside Detroit. “She’s the one who stood up for women and children who couldn’t defend themselves,” he said, as he criticized Donald Trump, who he endorsed for the presidency. “She is one of the great women leaders I’ve ever known.”

Hillary’s former boss continued his attack on Mr. Trump. “We do not need a president who has only one focus,” Mrs. Clinton said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.” She added, “‘A man who is too concerned about himself. A man who is too concerned about other people.’ Donald Trump is all of those things. A threat — dangerous and destructive as he is.”

After taking a day off in mid-September, Bill Clinton headed back to the Clinton Foundation to make his keynote address. He addressed a conference for journalists in New York, a fundraiser hosted by Chelsea Clinton at The William Morris Agency in midtown Manhattan where he made some bold predictions.

“We can get back to a place in this country where things don’t have to be that way. We can get to a place where every man and woman in our country has a chance to pursue their dreams and live up to the great values that we, all of us, believe in,”

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