What is the longest YouTube video ever made? – Udemy Dslr Video

No, that is a problem. No, no, no. YouTube is too small to be able to answer that. The short answer? YouTube is a collection of videos made by over 7,000 people. What do they all have in common? They are made on all the different devices and with different software. That’s the problem.

5. How good are the YouTube channels that have over 50 million subscribers? Oh, you mean the channels that have 100 million subscribers? No again. There are hundreds of thousands of YouTube channels that have 100+ million subscribers. And there are dozens of people that have one million subscribers. The reason why is simple in comparison: YouTube is a marketplace and most of the channels on there don’t have the potential to have a big audience. That is the best argument in the world. But this argument is just a straw man. There is so much content that I am certain there will be a place to learn from all of it. The best thing people do is find a channel they like and play, learn from it and help improve it.
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6. What is the only “one-of-a-kind” YouTube channel you’ve ever met? I haven’t met anyone else. I think it is crazy to talk about, but I am pretty confident I’ve met a bunch of them.

7. Who is your YouTube marketing hero? I’d like to go back to my hero! This question is hard to say because the YouTube community was already filled with people that did what they loved to do. But as I said above my YouTube marketing hero is probably someone I know and can work with. In my experience people that are able to grow by sharing their passion and vision with others are a godsend. But I won’t name names because that would be cheating.

8. Who is the best YouTube friend? I don’t know, I haven’t met anyone that could say that with a straight face. Maybe it is my husband but I don’t think so.

9. How much time do you spend watching YouTube on a regular basis? I would say less than 15 seconds a day. The exact time will vary depending on the platform and on how often I am watching. The number of hours you spend watching YouTube will depend on what you want to achieve. I do not care to spend more time on YouTube than what you will be able to accomplish in the real world. At the end of the day, YouTube is about fun and making people laugh. I am

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