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The answer is “The Star Wars Christmas Special,” a 17-minute film that features a lengthy musical number and a cameo of actor Alec Guinness (“He’s a bit of a prankster, if you like.”).

The length of this holiday special isn’t an aberration. It’s actually a recent trend. Just this week, for example, YouTube uploaded a video titled “The Longest YouTube Video Ever” for a 16-minute segment in which four kids sit around for the entire thing. (No idea what that is.)

When I asked YouTube for a comment about this, a spokesperson replied, “A longer video has not previously existed on our video network.”

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone — A man in the Liberian capital of Monrovia was electrocuted Saturday morning when his home transformer exploded, killing himself and injuring at least 16 others, the local health ministry said.

The death toll grew later Saturday after two other men were hospitalized after electrocutions from electricity surges, according to health ministry officials.
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It was not clear who was responsible for the surge of power or why the transformer exploded in the village of Uvira in the southeastern suburb of Barakah.

The explosion happened about 2 a.m., when a 12-volt power transformer malfunctioned and sparked a surge, said Nnamdi Akufo, the director of Monrovia’s public health agency.

“All the residents were evacuated while they ran for their lives,” he said. “It must be a big power supply problem.”

Officials had been trying for the week to figure out the source of the energy, which had been running for 20 minutes per day.

Most of the residents in the nearby villages fled the area as the intense power surge hit the town, and it took several minutes for authorities to get the power cut off.

Sierra Leone has been plagued by a string of power outages, including three in the space of two weeks. The outages have claimed the lives of 16 people and left many others injured, including residents of rural areas.

The region has been one of the most densely populated parts of the country, with the capital of Monrovia located at a height of about 6,400 meters.

The electric system in Monrovia has been plagued by a series of power outages.

In July last year, a man was electrocuted when he was trying to use a battery in his house to power his

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