What is the difference between a video camera and a camcorder? – Learn To Shoot Video

Cameras are usually small video devices, so they are easy to carry. However, sometimes they may be too expensive for you to buy, and sometimes they may be necessary to make a video recording possible. Camcorders are typically made with a larger, more powerful camera than a video camera. But the more powerful the camera, the bigger and more difficult it may be to use in remote or rough locations.

Can a camcorder record audio? Can it record video?

Cams can record audio, however video is not recorded on an audio tape. Some cameras can capture video. Some cameras must have a lens mounted so that the image can be captured.

How many channels can be recorded to a video tape?

The number of channels can vary by the size of the camera and the type of recording system used. A video tape is usually 60 megabits (Mbps) or even higher. Some larger cameras have a tape recorder built in, allowing them to record channels up to 2.5 times larger. The number of channels may also vary based on the video quality and settings the recording system needs.

Can a camcorder record video at high resolution?

Yes, a camcorder can record high quality video. However, while resolution will vary with different cameras, in general, the more powerful the camera the more video quality will be captured. And, some cameras will record higher levels of video.

Can a camcorder capture sound?

Yes, camcorders can record sound when desired. However, some camcorders may have the option to use noise cancellation. Some camcorders also record digital audio.

What are audio options for a camcorder?
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Some camcorders can have microphone built into the camera, meaning you can attach a microphone which is usually on an arm or something around the face of the camera. Some cameras add another receiver into the video camera. The audio options may be switched from normal audio (which can be heard as a background noise) to digital, that can only be heard as your video is being captured.

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