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A video camera is a video recording device that can record video.

A camcorder is a computer with a computer memory and a video recording capability.

What is the difference between an IP camera and an IP camera?

A new type of electronic cigarette has been developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), providing an easier and more convenient way to smoke marijuana, without burning or inhaling it.

Marijuana does not burn cleanly — it does have some carcinogenic chemicals, particularly tar and tar-like compounds, but it does not have a significant amount of volatile compounds that can have toxic effects on people’s lungs, or in people’s bodies when inhaled. The new system of using a water-filled tube to inhale the smoke is designed to allow people to vaporise the herb without actually smoking it.

“One of the problems that people are having with traditional cannabis smoking is that you have a very bad habit of inhaling the stuff, while you’re actually smoking,” says co-author of the paper Nijwan Kim, an electrical engineer and computer scientist, and a lecturer at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and the MIT Media Lab.

“We actually took the same principle we used using our existing vaporiser, and replaced the air inside the tube with clean air outside.”

The idea is that users do not need to touch anything and have the full feel of smoking marijuana, by simply using a water-filled tube and filling the tube with the marijuana vapor. This technology is currently only being tested in trials at the universities in Japan, where the cannabis has found a great following among medical users.

As of now, the system of vaporising is still in its infancy, however research is still ongoing, leading to more opportunities to modify existing vaporiser technology to incorporate the new technology. It will take a while to get it up and running, but Kim and the rest of the team have not ruled out the possibility of using the technology in a regulated cannabis market, for instance in a doctor’s office.

Currently, tobacco manufacturers cannot legally give out cannabis-infused tobacco in their products and a legal market is required for this to happen. However, by creating a cannabis-infused tobacco product, they could not only get around this issue, but also reduce the risk posed by cannabis smokers to themselves and others.

Kim said:

“What we’re looking for is a way to make smoking marijuana less toxic by providing a product that’s

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