What is the cheapest 4k camera? – How To Shoot Videos

| Sony a7rii $1000 | Panasonic G7 $6000

The lowest rated 4K DSLR is the Sony a7rii – its resolution is so low that it’s actually unusable in a movie. Also the mirror stabilization is extremely slow. This is a 5.6 MP 2,560 Pixels Sony A7L ever made – even with the 5.7″ sensor (it’s 5.2 MP).

Next is the Panasonic G7 with a 5.7″ sensor or 5.2 MP 2,560 pixels – it’s not worth the price, you will be sacrificing 4K for 1k. And for 4K at 60fps, you have to use a pro-grade film lens – and you have to pay up to 8 times as much as the same lens costs in today’s dollars.

What is the 4K Ultra HD streaming camera? | Nikon Coolpix R4 $1400 | Sony a7rii $2000

If you just want 4K streaming then you’ll be fine, but for a professional who produces and posts 4K content this is an unrealistic idea. Why pay for a 4k HD camcorder at all?

I’ve got another idea for your money – buy one of the lowest-priced 4K streaming cameras currently available.

What is the cheapest 4K camcorder? | Sony a7rii $1000

The Sony a7rii is a $2000 video camera that does not even have a micro 4/3 LCD screen! What a joke.

But if Sony does release something, it will probably be low price!

If the above was not enough, Sony recently announced a $200 entry-level 4K camera – but they have no specs or spec sheets available so they were not included in the above price guide. If they are released we can assume they will be the cheapest 4K video camcorder currently available. The $2000 camera has a 5.2MP 1,854ppi, 1/2.7″ and 4/3 LCD resolution, and it runs on the same AA battery system that Sony offers as of 2014. There are also some specs for the larger “A7S” version of this camera that will likely include some upgrades.

What about HDR? | Nikon Coolpix Q10 $1000 | Sony A7rii $1650
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