What is a selfie ring light? – How To Hold Camera Steady For Video

It is a DIY gadget that turns a regular light into a wearable LED that makes your photos disappear for a few moments. The idea behind the project is to create an alternative to the “shower and shave” experience that can only be found in the convenience store or department store.

The selfie ring light actually makes use of a smartphone to provide the light. The ring can be worn for as long as it is being used, such as overnight and in the shower. When the ring is empty, all the photos are automatically wiped away, along with GPS location data. Once the ring is in use, the location of the ring and all the photos associated with it are retained.

The light can operate on low or high current and can operate at different wavelengths. It works by generating an electric current, which can be switched on or off by connecting the ring to the power source. It is powered by an alkaline battery, which requires no maintenance.

It is hoped that users will be able to take as many photos as they want in a short period of time, or to take a set amount of photos. Users can select different levels of intensity and even the length of photos to be taken and stored. Some images are automatically deleted after one minute or after one hour.

There are some caveats with the project: firstly, while the phone itself will be the source of the “light”, the ring will take the energy directly into itself, using as little as 20mAH if the phone charger is plugged in completely. Secondly, the light will remain on for only a couple of seconds before shut off, which might be too short for some users. However, the project is also hoping to work with manufacturers to offer different levels of brightness and use different wavelengths.

While the project could make its way to store shelves, there are some issues that may make it harder to introduce it to the general public than some others. The only way to use the ring itself will be via a smartphone connection, which may not offer the best experience for users looking for a quick picture or just to take a couple of selfies. If not a smartphone connection, then some of the light may be lost.

The project is still very new, with only 12 prototypes created, and it is difficult to predict just what its success rate will be.

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