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Music is also played through a video chat device and a smart phone. Users can also use their PC and laptop to listen to music on-the-go.

How do I listen to music, play music on my iOS and Android apps, and view the track list on my mobile devices?

You will find details about this feature in the user guide.

What if I have multiple iOS and Android apps installed?

By using the Music app in combination with some third-party music apps, you can create multiple devices to listen to music simultaneously during your video experience.

How am I sure that what I choose is the most recent music?

The music playlist app is designed to play music in the order in which you have selected it. This is also true in all apps or platforms.

Can I change the device music that is playing?

Unfortunately, there is no way to change this music automatically. You can choose the music that you want to be playing on your device with the Music app on iOS and Android.

What device do I play music on?

You can play on a range of device types, including a TV, stereo equipment, and even a projector.

What types of apps can I install to sync my device music with my music collection and my computer music?
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For Android users, we recommend Music apps for controlling Bluetooth and WiFi, and some Bluetooth audio apps, such as Audiobus. For iOS users, we recommend the following music apps: Google Play Music for iOS and Music for iOs.

Why am I experiencing music playback delays in iOS, Android, and some audio apps?

For some devices, a combination of hardware/software problems may occur with sound quality when you access the music on your mobile device.

What are the differences between music players?

It depends on the device you choose to use.

iPhone and iPod touch users: The app you choose to control your music plays music first, and then you can use the controls of your chosen device to choose to play or pause and rewind. Your phone is the only device you can control music on.

Tablets: If a tablet isn’t configured for music control, some mobile apps may not be able to play music. If you choose to control a mobile device using music controls that won’t display on the tablet, we recommend that you switch to the iPad or other tablets that are compatible.

PC: You can

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