Is video editing easy? – Blue Shooting

Here’s a very basic workflow that shows you how to get started with video editing on the Web.

First and foremost, you must have a computer with a video capture card

Once you have your computer, connect it to a USB network

Go to the Google Web Store and search for Google Video

Click to choose Google Video.

This will prompt a series of screens to confirm your computer’s identity and enable it to use the video capture card.

Click the “Add a device” link to bring up a screen where you need to select a device, including a printer.

Once that’s done navigate to the settings tab (located on the bottom of the screen)

Click the “Video Capture” tab

On the screen below the Capture Devices, check in at this location that the device you connected to the network is an “NFC” reader to enable the camera to recognize the USB network connection.

Click on the “Capture” tab

Once that’s done, you should be ready to begin editing.

Open Google Video

On your computer go to the Google Video home page. Click on “File”

Navigate to your home folder of Google video files

Right click and select “Save as…” Copy the video file to some desktop application

You should have a simple, one-line video editing application now open.

Video editing in a web browser

If you want to get started with video editing without ever needing to leave the home page of Google’s video editing website, you can use a simple browser to do your work.

Open a web browser

Right-click on the address bar and select “Internet Options”. This will bring up the window from which we can browse the Google Web Store pages

From here you can select the type of content you want to view and enter the name of the video

Click on “Internet Options” again.

Under “Advanced Settings”, you can select “Disable content blocking”

If you have other content blocking preferences that you would like to enable, you’ll have to enable them too. You can do so through the same window.

Click on “Internet Options”

Under Advanced Settings in the page in question, you can select “Allow all websites” under the “Viewing websites as well as downloading files only if they’re signed in” tab

You’ll have to enable these preferences if you don’t see them.

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