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In 2009, when the Apple I was coming to market, I was so excited about it that I told every person that would listen that I planned to buy one. I’d seen all the videos of Apple I owners shooting fantastic pictures of the camera settings by simply pointing the camera at them. At one of my high school assemblies, a student asked me if he should buy a Apple I. I’d heard good things about the device and the software, so I told him yes, but he asked whether I would be interested in buying one. I had no idea how to answer him, and thought it best to get a little help. I suggested that he get a friend to buy one for him. Needless to say, his friend did not take me up on the offer. Since then, I’ve purchased two Apple I’s over the last three years, with great success.

The best way to find out if you’re going to be a sucker like most are to ask if you can take a tour of Apple for 10 minutes by someone who just purchased one. If you look pretty and have a smile, you’re likely to get a smile back — even when not the person who got you the new device is actually sitting next to you.

If you are a sucker for an Apple computer, I recommend using a PC with an Apple interface and software. This will provide for more consistent photo editing and also minimize the risk of accidental removal of settings.

The following is an informal list of my Top 6 Tips for Success with an Apple I. I’m sure others have something similar in store.

1. Purchase an original case or keyboard cover.

Original Cases are usually a great investment. If you decide to go with the keyboard and have to order the case from Apple, then you’ll have to spend a little extra on shipping at the store. Keep in mind that if the original case is a few dollars cheaper, you’re saving an additional couple of dollars by not having to pay for it, even though the computer you buy may not look like it. Also, there is a chance that Apple will cut down on the number of cases sold in the future.

2. Get the Apple AirPort Express for the iPhone and iPad.

The AirPort Express is an inexpensive wireless router that allows most Mac computers to connect directly to your computer. It’s perfect for any Mac computer that wants to connect to wireless networks and, although a little pricey, it’s worth every penny.


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