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That is a decision I’ll make and let you decide. It’s a choice that I make in the recording process and in the course of recording, depending how I feel in the mix it may or may not mean having a change on the song.

The most difficult thing was the way we worked on it. I had worked a lot with John Mayer, so we worked a lot on what we did know of him. To be honest, if I played the song live it would probably sound better, too. There’s this aspect to the way John works that you have to respect; in what sense, it may not work for a song like that. That’s how John works, he works in a very specific format and a very specific way and he’s very precise. It’s only in the studio, that you’re like, “Okay, now it’s gonna work.” And the record takes that into consideration.
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On “Lose Control” you play the lead, which seems a little more complicated. What was that experience like?

Yeah I can’t really say, because I’m a little bit of a weirdo when it comes to all this because I was playing with John Mayer on the tour and I was just trying to do all these crazy ideas with the song. He was like, “Man, you gotta give it 100 percents,” you know? I have the song now, it’s so good. To me that was the most difficult part I have taken with the song and the way he built the song, in the song, over that first seven or eight songs, the melody, the instrumentation and the way that I did the song, the amount of improvisation and the way that I approached it. I felt like all that was done so perfectly. It was the most difficult part of the record in terms of how he made the song.

On “I Wish You Were Here,” you’re on the drums, which is a very different drummer-wise, but you also contribute to the vocals, and that’s a really hard thing to handle. Was this a difficult job to do with John?

It was a hard thing to do at the time. I was really, really young. He had done some really good stuff, I think his first three records. I was young but I still had the same mentality and the same mindset. I couldn’t really do anything with it because there wasn’t a guitar on it. The only thing that I would do on that record

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