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Let’s keep this example simple. Say you’re driving home with your girlfriend. You’re trying to find your apartment. It turns out that you’ve been following a GPS tracker. Since it’s tracking the same location, your GoPro starts recording the car as it drives by from 10 different cameras.

But wait—you know exactly where your girlfriend is but what the GPS has recorded isn’t where she actually is. Why is that?

For one thing you’re not following your GPS in real-time: You’re tracking the GPS position every 10 seconds. Or rather, every 10 seconds—if you’d done something wrong.

The other big problem isn’t in tracking the GPS spot. GPS is a very simple technology. What’s hard for the GoPro to do is to know when to stop, and what the GPS spot might be in the moment of your filming.

How do I know when to stop? And how does it know the location when something’s wrong?

The GoPro knows exactly what it knows. If you’re filming in a parking lot and you can’t find your girlfriend at the end of the day, it knows that you’re filming your car (and not in a parking lot!), and will stop recording the GPS tracker and start recording your car instead.

How do I know what’s right for my situation?

That’s when the GPS tracker comes in handy. You’ll know when you’re shooting something you don’t want to stop. And you’re also more likely to stop something you have no idea where your girlfriend is. That means you’ll know you’re filming a real object. GoPro has developed an intuitive software tool that can recognize the object you’re filming is real, and can stop your footage when it becomes real and visible to the GoPro.

GPS tracker (Photo: GoPro)

Can I use my GoPro to make fake videos?

You can, if you have the right software or programming.

Here’s how they do it, but if you want to know more and need to go in depth about it before using it, check out their help page on how to use it: here.

How do I know if the footage I shot is real?

You do just that. By using GoPro’s “real-time visual recognition” app, you’re able to look at the GPS spot and see that this footage is what you shot. If your footage appears blurry, you’ll need to make sure it’s clear

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