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That depends on a lot of things. It’s not only your work, but the organization and all the other things you do. I like to think of it as a puzzle that you can answer in different ways. To me it is a challenge to be able to get in there and contribute, with the organization and the culture in place. To answer that is what makes the job a good career – not the work, not where else can you go and have the best experience. But I guess I prefer to think of it as a puzzle and to think it is not a place where work is easy since it is so long, but also interesting. There are a lot of good jobs out there, I am not saying that it is just you out there, because obviously that can’t be the case as much as it can be with the good jobs I have been in. The good ones that work for me are probably the ones that are the most challenging – but not only for me, but also for my colleagues.

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The first of four films at the film festival, The White Ribbon was presented without a single female director in its opening round, and without a single black director from the previous year.

The International Film Festival for Women took place on the 4th August, and its executive chairman, Kishore Kumar, spoke with HuffPost India.

Here are some responses from some of the festival’s most prominent directors and female stars.

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In terms of numbers as women directors in Hindi films, is the question how much of an improvement it has made, or simply whether it’s still a long way to go?

Kishore Kumar: It looks extremely positive. There are only a handful of films that have ever had a women director from a major Hindi city. Only two have had a Pakistani director. One of them was Anjali

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