How much should I charge for videography? – What Makes A Good Videographer

I think it is a good idea to find the right price for the quality of your images.

It may be very expensive to produce a great video, and you might need to set aside some money to do it, but if you can afford it, the price will be worth it.

In order to save money, I recommend not to charge more than your budget.

If you use free services and you will be creating content for a long time, I don’t care how good your footage is, at the beginning, I don’t want you to be too aggressive.

Instead of charging a certain amount for each video, give it free for a while, and gradually increase it so that you start to charge more.

If you want to have good videos, you might need to put one video at the end to show the most important footage.

If you decide to charge for a video, use the services and use a discount code available for free downloads.

4. Don’t get your hands dirty

This tip is more for beginners who were interested in making short video.

It is important to use a camera with an auto focus mode and a good lens that will allow you to focus in some time.

Do not get your hands dirty if shooting with the default “auto focus” mode and a cheap lens! It’s better to buy a better lens in the next step.

5. Do not start with the wrong camera

If you use a basic Canon camera on video, you will get video that you can use for making some great content.

It’s a camera with an 8×10 format (3:2) and the ability to shoot in full 1080p (30fps). I recommend getting a new camera that will have 4-15 elements.

If you find a cheaper camera, do not be afraid to ask me anything related to the camera that you will buy first. When buying camera, I will explain and show you my recommendation on cameras, lenses, cameras with macro feature, which is better to shoot with.

6. Use a tripod

Many people think that they can get the perfect footage just with their own creativity, and I’m not saying that they can. But it’s possible for a person that has a lot of knowledge about camera setup and has enough experience to achieve the best shots.

If you don’t have much experience, try buying a tripod and start making videos with it.

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