How much should I charge for a 1 minute video? – How To Shoot A Music Video With Iphone

You may have to charge a reasonable amount for a 1 minute video.

A 1 minute video is typically less than 1 minute per minute, so if the video has to be 2 minutes to do 3 tasks in 1 minute you will probably want to charge at least $1.

You can also charge a reasonable amount even if the video is a 20 minute video that requires multiple people to operate the machine, as long as you can cover that cost over a period of weeks, not minutes.

Can I put the machine on a treadmill or bike before putting it in storage?

No. This is a safety issue. If you put it on a treadmill while it is in storage the machine may vibrate causing the machine to jam or malfunction. It may also take a few minutes to completely restart which can cause damage to the machine.

How do I use the HCLU?

When you use it, it should vibrate as normal with no external effects. The only changes that you should do are:

• If you are a home user, the HCLU should have at least one mode: the HCLU can only run one full cycle and if you switch modes then you should not change to the next mode. You should have no other modes.

• If you are a college or business user there is no need to change the HCLU’s mode. The HCLU can run either full cycles or single cycles with different results.

• A few minutes before your first full cycle is finished, turn off the HCLU and then set it to the lowest cycle mode. If your machine runs full cycles, you can use this as a timer so you don’t have to hold back during your first full cycle.

• During the first full cycle, turn the HCLU back on to turn on the automatic locking function after the first “stretch.”

• Do not exceed 5,000 cycles under manual lock or 3,000 cycles on automatic.

• During the first half of the cycle, lock the machine while it is vibrating and start up the machine again.

How can the machine be fixed? How can I get better quality?

Many issues result when a machine is lost or damaged as well as when it is improperly repaired. A great way make sure that you have done enough is to use the online repair form on the HCLU website with any problem you experience. You can get quality HCLU

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