How do you plan a music video shoot? – Dslr Video Training Courses

I think it’s easy to get excited about it like “I want to shoot my music video!” but the thing is, when you’re doing a video, you want the production to be smooth and well orchestrated. But then you also want to have the sound as good as it can be and for the camera to have as much light as it is going to get. So, it’s that balance that keeps me going.

How do you decide when you need to change the lighting or focus on the angles?

In the beginning stages, I really try to have the sound like I have shot the music video before so I’m going to be going out the door in that first edit. The second and third edit are pretty different, depending on the mood and story. And sometimes it’s a completely different day for the same day.

Tell me a little about the music. What songs do you go back to or reference?

The music is always based off of the song I was in the video for as the soundtrack. But sometimes I’ll play a song and the director says, “I like this song. Would it be possible for you to go back and play it?” And of course it’s like “Oh no,” I’m like, “What?” Because I don’t always do the same thing. I remember watching the music video for “Lamborghini,” they did a song called “Lemonade” and they played it very much like a video that they shot.

But I love that song. I like things that seem super fresh and new.

How did you find the voice for the singer in this project?

When I was working on “Lamborghini,” I was trying to imagine how she will sing. And after a while, I came up with this idea that I needed a new voice. And the singer that I got into really quickly was Anna Kendrick. It’s been so awesome to work with her. She’s so talented.

What type of music inspired you to voice Anna Kendrick and what are some of her favorite songs?

I think the music has a lot to do with it, because there’s a lot that has gotten me into it. It was also my favorite song that everyone else was singing. When you are a fan first, you’re going to want to be like everyone else. And I thought she sounded like a pop star because my favorite thing about her is that she’s got a funny voice.

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