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(and if you do, how do you make it)

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You could say that music videos are just another genre of entertainment that just makes people in general happy. But while many would say this, it is actually a completely different story. For starters you’ll need to create original content. Secondly you’ll need to generate views, which can come from YouTube, pay-per-click traffic, ads or other means, but that is where the money lies. The difference between music videos and films is the fact that there is only ever one of each, you’ve essentially just created a video for two different products.

One very simple way to make enough for a professional music video is to create a single video that does exactly what the song says and the music. This means you won’t actually have to create original content. You’ve only got to find a song with the right melody, lyrics, instruments, vocal and whatever else you need to make a music video. As you watch the video, look for your song to be in the key you want. If you can’t find it, watch some of your favourite music videos you may have already done. Make a note of how big these videos were of the same song. A good song is hard to find, but with quality music videos, it’s actually relatively simple. When you have created your song and have the lyrics down, then write them out in a list of about ten minutes.

Then, write each of the five parts out together. If you don’t have any song ideas to write you can start writing your own. This sounds scary at first, but remember, it’s just writing down the words you already know. Don’t just pick an interesting line from one of your existing songs and make a song out of it. That won’t work. In order to get good enough to be considered a proper music video, you have to have a decent amount of writing experience, a decent amount of writing, and some skills. Write every sentence the song wants, even the one you aren’t going to use. This is important. Take the time to write down what you want to say and make sure that everything you write is complete and consistent. Then, write about 10-15 pages of what you expect the song to be about, including as much context as you can. Keep it clean. A good video has to not just be good visuals, it has to be good voice and writing and music. If you’re not careful, you will end up with an amateur

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