How do I record a video with music playing? – Shooting Without A Tripod

For the easiest way to record and play a video, use your phone’s built-in mic. It’s quick, secure, and completely silent, so record a quick video with music and you’ll be set!

How many songs do we need to record to get the video you’re looking for?

There is no need to record more than two songs at a time, but this one trick is definitely useful if multiple things need to be documented. With a couple of phone songs, you can have your friends or neighbors play the same song along with you, but you could also record one song during a conversation and play it with your friend in the background (a little extra) so you always have a “starting point” before switching instruments (which helps with editing and getting the full effect).

Where can I find out more about the videos I’ve made so far?

In this section, you can check out my Youtube channel at You might be able to find me on Facebook too. But you know how we can put a “Fractral” tag in a “Like Us” or “Tweet This” comment? I made a “Like Us” video to show my appreciation for everyone’s support, so I’m also glad you love my videos!

Can Fractal Record to a Microphone?

Yes, but we’ve got to tell you a few things here, too… We are licensed to offer audio editing only. Yes, we’re an audio company but we’re not a pro-audio company. We can’t use all the latest technology and we do take our work very seriously. We want to get this done in a way that preserves your audio integrity (and our money as a result, of course), so we’re only releasing the audio tracks directly to the public and only as part of our app.

Can I use Fractal to edit music on youtube videos to upload to BandCamp or SoundCloud/M4V and make money off of them?
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The key component here is that we only offer our professional audio editing to the public on Fractal for the purpose of making the videos on a mobile camera/tablet/etc. It is NOT (and has NEVER been) used to edit music that has been recorded to a hard drive or tape. To see these examples, check out our “Audio Editing & Auditioning Example” videos on our YouTube Channel (and other things at

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