How do I price myself as a freelancer? – What Makes A Good Videographer

The key to how I manage this is pricing. I would rather be the highest bidder than the cheapest one. I’m not willing to pay a lot of the work upfront for something that I don’t need.

Here are my price expectations in order of importance:

I accept multiple assignments.

My work has to be worth a decent amount.

If a project I’m involved with is worth less than my price, I say so.

I can’t keep my prices low when someone has a similar name to my name.

Do you feel this is the way freelancers should operate? What do you take away from your experiences?
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My job is to build business for myself, and to make other people’s lives easier in the process. In order to accomplish that, each and every assignment has a price.

That’s what we call a “marketing” price.

It makes you comfortable and confident when you’re working on a project that matters.

What advice would you give a startup freelancer looking to build a profitable business?

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Hexaploids: Hexaploids are animals that have three different set of legs. All known tetrapods and tetrapodomorphs are hexaploids. Each of these sets are comprised of

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