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I’m currently working as a part-time freelancer and I’m not sure which way to price myself that will work. Are you all freelancers or do you have full-time employees? Will you be buying in bulk or will I have to pay more per hour to get the same work? I’m not sure which way to price myself as I want to pay the same amount as my regular rate (I am an intern) but I’m not sure it would be that much difference. Also, will I have to wait for 2-3 weeks before I am paid by them instead of the normal 10-12 weeks. I also don’t know if you guys have similar rates for all the different industries you guys cover (like legal or business licensing, etc, or just licensing people to work for you) so I don’t know if there could be anything I can add that would help me get more work or be better in the long run.

Is there a standard business license that most small to medium sized businesses need?

I’m currently working as an independent artist with many, many clients. Currently I’m under contract with a small online business. If there was an easy and cheaper way to get a new license/license waiver, I would definitely take advantage of it. But my client is fine with it being the small size.

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How does the new system work for me? When I send a PDF of work, am I only paid in USD or CNY? How long do I get paid?

I will be using Coinbase as my payment option. So I will get in on what seems a pretty good offer of 1% of each transaction. Also I’m really unsure which option I can pay with. Is BTC going to be the most straightforward, or will there be anything else to look at?

If you just want to know more about Bitcoin (bitcoin), read this: (a pdf available online for all to read)

I’ve had a lot of questions and it’s been really helpful to the site and people like you in answering them. What’s your take on Coinbase?

This is pretty simple for my work, only being a small boutique art business. I get paid by Coinbase either on the first of every month using Bitcoin, or one month in advance using the credit card option. I am very happy with Coinbase so far and will be investing more.

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