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To make a picture transparent, paint or apply some sort of reflective material over the background of it so that you can see through it. If you don’t want to use these methods, you can try the following technique to see how to do that.

How to Create a Lullaby Background? Make a Background

1. First, find the location of the picture in your frame. You’ll use this location to place your black circle around the background. Now, in this image, that’s the left frame. Now, locate these objects from the previous image, like the flower and the black square.

2. On both images, add a black point where the background would be centered. For this picture, the point should be roughly between the two flower flowers and the black square.

3. Next, add a black line. For this image, choose the color of the bottom of the black square.

4. Use some reflective material over your background. So, you could choose a shiny material or some reflective sheet paint or something light or transparent. If you choose reflective material, apply a few drops of the material to your picture, place that over the black line you just created and brush the black down so the black becomes the color. Make sure to keep your brush quite flat.

5. Now, use a small paintbrush to brush the background on so you get the look you want.

6. Apply some reflective material back onto the image of the flower or small object.

7. Then, add a white circle around your subject, so you can look at the subject from this background. It goes from here to the right and then back to here. This can appear black if you don’t use the other techniques.

8. Now, choose any small area from your image to paint around it. Make a small black circle, add a black rectangle and you want to add some reflectivity to you picture.

How to Use the Techniques

Once you’ve completed these four steps, you can create a simple black background with a black background. To know exactly how to achieve that, follow these four steps to learn how to create a realistic background with black. Let me know if you have any questions.

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