How can I light a room for video? – Learn To Shoot Video

The first thing you should do is download an app. Our favourite, LightStarter Pro, allows you to control multiple lights from a single app.

With all these lights, there are a few that you’ll probably find easier to work with than others.

We find that using the LED strips on top of the doorways is the best option, so that the lights are facing outwards and thus don’t block the light from getting down the side or out the back of the door.

Here’s a picture of the first one I built:

There were just a few problems with this method:

Lighting the house in different directions was not possible because of light-casing installed.

Each room had its own controller, so it was pretty frustrating to try and work with them all.

The doorways were too wide, so to add lighting, the LEDs required to run on a strip above the door would have to be cut into the door. It wasn’t practical and could get messy.

Another method to create lights in a room is to install the LED strips on top of your floor joists. These have an added advantage for light-casing, allowing you to run the strips on both sides, making it easy to add LEDs to the sides.

How to add a light to a small window

We use this method for lighting one of the bathroom doors in our house. The lighting is very sparse (I can get two or three lights on the inside of the door), but it provides a nice light while leaving the door open.

Here’s how you do it: Put everything back together and attach the LED strips.

Attach the strips to the window, and you should get something that looks like this (click on the thumbnail for a full size photo):

The next step is to cut the extra strips to the exact size you want to put them on the door, then strip it as thinly as you can.

You’ll also want to make sure your strips are in the ‘down’ direction, so you can attach them to the outside of the door instead of the inside.

Here’s how the strips look after being trimmed up and placed on the window:

A few things that people have found helpful:

To make it easier to open the door, we attached strips to the door’s handles, using a metal bracket. You’ll need two handles (the handle you attach the strips to can

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